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Find The Best Pet Supplies For Dogs Toys

There are a lot of misunderstandings about what are the best pet supplies for dogs toys. For large and small dogs, toys are not just a luxury, but a necessity.

What you must and need to realize is, that you want these pet toys to be safe and not harmful to your dog. While keeping in mind your understanding of what you are trying to accomplish with your pet toys. It could be that your dog has separation anxiety, depression, loneliness issues, or is unstimulated while you are away from home. A good entertaining toy for your pet will be make them more happier and playful while keeping them busy.

What can happen if you do not keep your dog stimulated ?

Unfortunately, our dogs can’t always come with us and sometimes we’ve just got to leave the house! So what does your dog do when you leave them home alone and by themselves ?

If you leave your small or any size dog alone and they do not sleep while you are away and you do not keep them stimulated while being they are alone for hours. Then you will be risking,

the sacrifice of your couch and shoes and your pet being sad, lonely, bored and not happy. To try and prevent that you need to Appeal to their instincts already in their DNA .

In fact, for some small and large dog breeds, their ancestors were bred to chase, fetch or even dig for small animals.

Many dogs will need some extra mental stimulation to keep them happy in your absence. This is where toys come in.

Toys are very important to your dog’s well-being and good health. Toys help fight boredom and anxiety, loneliness when you have to leave your dog at home, these toys also provide comfort when they’re feeling nervous. These stimulating and engaging toys can even help prevent your dog from developing certain problem behaviors.

See, safe fun small dog toys here

We have found that another good thing to do is leaving the radio or TV on at a low volume is something you can do when you leave the house which will entertain and help distract your dog from focusing on noises outside.

What makes a good play toy for small dogs?

It should be easy to grab and fit in between their paws, while being chewable for them and last a long time, It also needs to be small enough to fit into their mouth and be very squeaky ! Small dogs especially like a very squeaky toy It gives them real satisfaction. You also need to keep in mind that your small pet can injure themselves trying to chew something that is too big for them. A good durable toy can help distract your dog with play and provide some mental stimulation for them. You always want to do your research first and make sure the toy is safe for use when you’re not around to supervise  them.

What dog toys are unsafe ?

While they’re a popular toy for fetch, tennis balls or small balls are toys that can be torn apart and can be an unsafe option depending on the size of your dog, they can become lodged in your dog’s throat and possibly block their airway. Any pieces that are chewed off can also get stuck in your dog’s intestinal tract also, so it’s very important to remove the toy from your pet if it starts coming apart. You also need to keep in mind that your small pet can injure themselves trying to chew on something that is too big for them.

If you’re thinking about giving your dog rawhide chew toys, be sure to ask your veterinarian about which rawhide chew toys are safe and appropriate for your dog. These toys could cause choking hazards, so give them to your dog only when you are watching them. and seeing there reactions.

The things that are usually the most attractive to dogs are often the very things that are the most dangerous. Ensure there safety…

Your dog may feel that they must find and destroy the source of the squeaking, which means they could ingest it if left unwatched.

Dog-proof your home by removing string, ribbon, rubber bands, children’s toys, pantyhose and other inedible items that could be swallowed.

Recommended toys for small and large dogs !

You can find a great selection of these toys here,

We also recommend hard rubber toys such as Nylabone and Kong type products that come in many shapes, sizes and styles that are fun for chewing and they love carrying them around. These toys are known as active toys.

For dogs that like tug-of-war game while chewing on textures that interest them : For example, rope and woven toys are usually available in a bone shape with knots on the ends that dogs love and they are safe for them to chew on.

Avoid or alter any toys that aren’t “dog-proof” by removing ribbons, strings, eyes or other parts that could be chewed off and ingested. Discard toys when they start to break into pieces or are torn and the insides are coming out this is not safe for your pet.

Another wonderful toy is known as a distraction toys. Kong type toys, especially when filled with treats that you break into pieces, can keep a puppy or small dog busy for hours. Another toy that your small dog loves is a comfort toy. This is a toy your dog loves carrying around, These soft stuffed toys are good for several purposes

Some dogs like to carry around soft toys. Most of the time your dog sees their toy as a companion to them and helps your dog with separation anxiety , so you need to pick one that’s small enough for them to carry.

There also are some dogs who want to shake or kill their toys, so make sure that you choose one that’s large enough to prevent accidental swallowing, and sturdy enough to withstand the dog’s playfulness and roughness with the toy.

The next toy I highly recommend is an Interactive dog toy that can be great to create a fun game of sniffing and getting rewarded. Small dogs love this game and will keep them busy and happy for a long time when a dog hunts for his kibble treat the dog’s mind is engaged, thus creating alot of mental exercise for the dog, These type of toys I have discussed will keep your small dog engaged or any dog size, and can serve several purposes that are beneficial to your loving pet.   See an interactive toy here

Summary And Conclusion

One of the last things you must consider is when you pick out a toy for your small dog. You must give thought to how long it will last. If your dog has a favorite comfort toy then you should leave it out all the time ! In this article we have sited that

your small dogs toys can serve a variety of purposes. If you give your dog at least one toy for them to carry, one toy to shake, one for rolling and one for comfort. Then your dog should be a happy healthy and a playful dog. These toys will not only keep them busy and engaged but will have safety in mind.

By focusing on a specific task, such as returning a ball, or fetching their toy and playing a fun game of hide and seek.

your dog can expend pent-up mental and physical energy from boredom. Make sure you pick the right size toy for your

small dog especially,

as discussed above This in turn will keep you small dog, happy, playful, healthy and engaged, and keep them busy so they do not want to tear up the house , apartment or your things.

The last thing to consider for small dogs is that interactive play also offers a good opportunity for socialization and helps them learn about appropriate and inappropriate behavior, such as jumping up on couch or people and barking alot.

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