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I am Kevin Coleman, founder of the good health for dogs website and experience. I have been working to ensure good health for dogs for 39 years, while always keeping up with and focusing on the best, and newest, latest, products and techniques in keeping dogs as healthy, happy and playful as can be ! A healthy dog is a happy dog. And I know that our knowledge, experience, and techniques will work for you, your family, and the companion pet in your life. That is our goal.

I want to share with you a bit of background of who I am, and what my story is.

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We have been taking care of and studying good health for dogs for many years…

Myself and my family have always loved dogs.

We have owned several big and small ones over the years. Sadly I have seen my share of unhealthy, unhappy puppies and dogs, and we are trying to change that.

For many years people have sought out help and information from myself and our company to find ways to keep their pets healthy, happy and looking good.

I am always willing to help because I love dogs of all kinds, including athletic, cuddly, security, show, pedigree, mixed breeds and loving companion dogs. I would love to see all pets happy, healthy, and playful as possible. These types of pets are important family members along with being very loving. In our opinion these types of dogs will continue to be great friends and companions to their owners for years to come.

Over time We have learned the best ways, and best use of products and techniques to accomplish this ! This has become our mission from day one many years ago !

We are always researching and reviewing the best and latest products available on the market today. We want to ensure that you will always know that you are getting the proper and relevant information from us that you need to make a good decision on what is the most important care for your loving companion and friend.

What I and we get enjoyment out of is helping people achieve the greatest care for their dogs, which equals a happy, healthy, playful, companion and friend.

My Goal Is To Help You Achieve the Best Help and information Available for Your Dogs…

Again welcome to our website !  This is my story and why I care, It is nice to meet you and I hope you enjoy your experience ,,,

And May Your Dog Be Healthy – Happy And Playful…

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Have a great day !

Kevin Coleman


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